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Tiistaina 12.4. klo 20:00 Simon Zion Group

Huhtikuun jazzeilla Simon Zion Group!
12.4.2022, klo 20:00.
Jäsenistö ja opiskelijat 5 €,
Muut 10 €.
"The music is something reminiscent with vibes from the 70s mixed together with singer songwriter-folk with an aura of jazz and improvisation to tie it all together."
Simon Zion (SWE) is a recording artist originally from the south of Finland that grew up in the north of Sweden. He’s known to be playing and writing in a wide range of genres ranging all the way from jazz to rock-music, with a red thread that is his authentic sound in both his vocals and his guitar playing.
Simon first made a name for himself in the music industry when he won 3rd place in Swedish Idol 2015. Since then he’s been going back and forth to Los Angeles; writing, recording and delivering captivating live performances for his audience.
In recent years Zion has honed in even more on his passion for jazz and the improvisational side of music and released an album called “Intrinsic Drive” in 2020 exploring and pushing the boundaries of jazz together with the musicians. He is currently writing his next upcoming album.
Simon Zion has been spoken of in the same sentences as Jeff Buckley, Sting, Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Robert Plant etc. While maintaining his own unique style in a modern musical environment.
Simon Zion will be touring in Scandinavia in 2022 with a brand new line-up including some of Finlands top jazz musicians, Ville Luukkonen, Tuomo Uusitalo, Teemu Åkerblom & Ukko Heinonen.